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B.O.S. Software Service


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Short Description:

Access mainframe applications and data


Middleware to allow non-mainframe access to mainframe applications and data. 

Mainframe databases and data can be accessed using SQL and standards such as ODBC and JDBC. Mainframe data sources supported include IMS, CA Datacom, ADABAS, CA IDMS, VSAM and DB2.

Includes an API to allow non-mainframe applications to call mainframe transactions and programs. Also includes features to allow mainframe applications to access ODBC and JDBC data sources including Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Other features include:

  • Start tasks on remote Microsoft Windows, UNIX and mainframe systems from mainframe applications.
  • tcACCESS Administrative Functions - PC based administration tool to view information about fields and properties of mainframe data sources.

Can communicate between platforms using TCP/IP, SNA, Websphere MQ and HLLAPI.

Entry last updated: 16-Apr-2013

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