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Short Description:

CA-IDMS Year 2000 Tools and Utilities


Tools and utilities to assist in making CA IDMS applications Year 2000 compliant. Features:

  • Schema/Set Analyzer - Identify all sets and indexes using a date as a key.
  • Date Converter - Make existing applications Year 2000 compliant without restructuring database fields.
  • ADSO Source Analyzer - Identify dialogs that require modification to be Year 2000 compliant
  • CA Culprit Source Analyzer - Identify CA Culprit programs requiring modification
  • Date Simulator - Test CA-IDMS applications with user-set dates and times
  • Y2K BIFS - Manipulate dates within ADS, OLQ and LRF applications
  • Date Ager - Age dates in CA-IDMS databases


Entry last updated: 28-Dec-2012

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