DB2 ImagePlus

Other Names:

ImagePlus VisualInfo
ContentManager ImagePlus


Content, Books and Documents + Databases







Short Description:

Enterprise Content Manager (ECM)


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. Store documents and images on z/OS. View, search and manage these documents from a 3270 interface, or PC client. Replaced with ContentManager for z/OS.

Consists of three products:

Library Server (ImagePlus Folder Application Facility, IPFAF, FAF) - Capture, index and manage folders and objects. Also provides an Application Programming Interface (API). Runs under CICS or IMS. Images are stored as datasets using the Object Access Method (OAM). Other data is stored in DB2 tables.

Object Server (ImagePlus Ojbect Distribution Facility, IODM) - move objects between storage locations, and deliver objects to clients.

PC Client - Clients to access documents. Clients support the original ImagePlus Workstation Program (IWPM), ImagePlus Folder Application Facility workstation, and ContentManager for z/OS clients.

Replaced with Content Manager. Withdrawn from marketing in 2004.

IBM Product IDs:

  • ImagePlus CICS Object Index Application Product ID: 5695-072
  • ImagePlus VisualInfo Library Server 1.x Product ID: 5655-071
  • ImagePlus VisualInfo Object Server 1.x Product ID: 5655-072
  • ImagePlus VisualInfo Library Server 2.x Product ID: 5655-A02
  • ImagePlus VisualInfo Object Server 2.x Product ID: 5655-A01
  • ContentManager ImagePlus Folder Application Faciity 3.x Product ID: 5655-A27
  • ContentManager ImagePlus Object Distribution Manager 3.x Product ID: 5655-A26

Entry last updated: 01-May-2013

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