Optimizer II

Other Names:

Capex COBOL Optimizer
COBOL Optimizer
CA Optimizer
CA Optimizer II


Performance + COBOL





Previous Vendors:

CAPEX Corporation -> CA Technologies


z/OS  z/VSE  

Short Description:

COBOL Code Optimizer


COBOL performance enhancer developed in the mid-1970s. Includes a pre-compiler to optimize COBOL code before it is compiled (together with additional reports and information), and software to optimize object modules. Product includes additional functionality:

  • Analyzer: returns information on the number of times instructions are executed. This allows programmers to improve conditional expression performance by placing the most executed code at the top of any IF statement.
  • Detector: provides debugging information after any abend.

Optimizer was originally developed by CAPEX Corporation for OS/VS and DOS/VSE (z/VSE) environments using the OS/VS COBOL compiler. CA-Optimizer II was developed from Optimizer by CA for COBOL II (not available for z/VSE).

Entry last updated: 11-Feb-2023

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