IMS System Utilities/Data Base Tools

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IMS Database Tools


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IMS database administration tools


IMS database administration tools and utilities. Tools include:

  • Fast ACB Generation - High speed ACB generation
  • Image Copy Extensions - compress image copy output. Allow hash checking during image copies.
  • Fast Prefix Resolution (FPR) - High speed prefix resolution. DFSURG10 replacement.
  • Space Management Utilities (SMU) - Hierarchical direct (HD) pointer checker, HD tuning aid, database segment restructure, HDAM physical sequence sort/reload, space monitor.
  • High Speed Sequential Retrieval (HSSR) - High performance database unload, sequential subset randomizer.
  • Fast Reorganization Reload Utility (FRR) - high performance database reload. 
  • Sequential Direct Access Method (DAM) Optimizer (SDO) - Create randomizer module for sequential processing of DEDB and HDAM.
  • Library Management Utilities (LMU) - DBD/PSB/ACB compare, mapper and reversal.
  • VSAM Zapper - Zap VSAM records
  • DEDB Pointer Checker - detect fast path database pointer errors
  • DEDB Tuning Aid - Model potential DEDB database changes
  • DEDB Unload/Reload (DEDB U/R) - High speed fast path database unload and reload.

Amalgamtion of previous IMS database utilities. Separated into separate IMS database products in 2000. Support ended 2002. Replacement products:

IBM Product IDs:

  • V1.x Product ID: 5668-856
  • V2.x Product ID: 5685-093

Entry last updated: 03-Jan-2013