From the Vendor

In today’s complex and diverse IT environments, Adabas and Natural can help organizations meet changing IT requirements based upon their ease of integration, standards support and high degree of interoperability:

Web-browser based applications – Natural provides capabilities to natively develop rich Web/AJAX user interfaces easily, incl. the capability to transform existing Natural green screens (Maps) to Web pages.

Eclipse-based development environment – With NaturalONE application developers have a fully integrated suite of tools to maintain, modernize and develop Natural applications on all platforms

With Natural Engineer it is possible to automatically analyze, redocument and reengineer existing Natural applications to improve maintainability and productivity.

With the Adabas SQL Gateway and the Event Replicator for Adabas it is possible to share Adabas data seamlessly with relational DBMS (e.g. Oracle, DB2, SQL Server) and Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence environments.

Various data management tools for Adabas allow DBAs to protect sensitive data, to archive or to partition data across platforms.

Mainframe-based optimization add-ons (e.g. zIIP Enabler for Natural, Adabas Fastpath) help enterprise to save CPU or IO time without changing the application code.

Standards support – Adabas and Natural support common manufacturer-independent standards, such as those for SQL, XML, Web Services, Java and others. 

Runs on multiple platforms – Adabas and Natural can run on different operating systems (e.g. Mainframe, UNIX, Linux, Windows) with the ability to move applications across platforms, e.g. from Mainframe to Linux.

Wide interoperability – By leveraging webMethods integration technologies (e.g. EntireX, ApplinX, Integration Server) Natural applications can easily be connected to packaged, cloud, mobile, Java or .NET applications in a rapid and secure manner.