Micro Focus Mainframe Express


Emulation + CICS + UNIX and Windows + Application Development




Micro Focus


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Short Description:

GUI mainframe application development and testing


Microsoft Windows based software providing a GUI inteface to develop mainframe applications. Supported COBOL and Assembler programs. Mainframe environments supported include CICS, DB2 and IMS.

Includes mainframe emulator to run mainframe applications on Windows. Emulation included TSO, batch, CICS and IMS. Batch emulation includes emulation of utilities such as sort, IEFBR14 and IEBGENER.

Successor product to COBOL Workbench

IN 2004, Mainframe Express was expanded to include COBOL application generation functionality of Micro Focus APS and Micro Focus AMB.

Development environment replaced with Micro Focus Enterprise Developer. Emulation replaced with Micro Focus Enterprise Server.

Entry last updated: 04-Jan-2013

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