Infosphere Data Event Publisher

Other Names:

Websphere Information Integrator Event Publisher
Websphere Data Event Publisher


Networks and Communication + Data Management + DB2







Short Description:

Capture and publish DB2 change events


Capture, processing and publication of DB2 database change events with no change to application code. Change events can be routed to distributed databases and business processes via Websphere MQ.

Performs the same functionality as Infosphere Classic Data Event Publisher, but for DB2.

A reduced-price version, Websphere Data Integration Connector, was marketed for use with other products such as Websphere DataStage and Websphere QualityStage. This reduced-price version was first released in 2006, and concluded in 2009.

IBM Product IDs:

  • WebSphere Information Integrator Event Publisher V8.x Product ID: 5655-M36
  • WebSphere Data Event Publisher for z/OS, V9.x Product ID: 5655-R56
  • WebSphereWebsphere Data Integration Connector for z/OS, V9.x Product ID: 5655-R93
  • Infosphere Data Event Publisher V10.x Product ID: 5655-DEP

Entry last updated: 04-Jan-2013

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