Tivoli Monitoring

Other Names:

CandleNet Command Center


GUI/Graphics + Supporting Services







Short Description:

Collect, store, manage and present monitoring data


A cross-platform product to collect, manage, archive, process and present data from other IBM monitoring products including Omegamon XE and ITCAM for Transactions.

On non-mainframe systems, product includes facilities for monitoring operating system resources. 

Consists of:

  • Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS) - Cross platform software to perform data processing and storage. Also manages communications to data collectors and TEPS. Several TEMS can operate together in a cluster. Platforms supported include Microsoft Windows, UNIX and z/OS.
  • Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent (TEMA) - Cross platform agent managing communications between data collectors and the TEMS. 
  • Tivoli Enterprise Platform Server (TEPS) - Microsoft Windows/UNIX software to present the monitorng data, and receive operator requests. 
  • Tivoli Enterprise Platform Client - Client used to connect to a TEPS. Can be a Java client, or web browser session.

TEMS on z/OS is packaged as Tivoli Management Services (or Tivoli Monitoring Services).

Originally released by Candle in 2001 as the CandleNet Command Center. Equivalent Candle terminology for ITM components was:

  • Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS) - Candle Management Server (CMS)
  • Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent (TEMA) - Candle Monitoring Agent (CMA), or Intelligent Resource Agent (IRA).
  • Tivoli Enterprise Platform Server (TEPS) - CandleNet Portal Server
  • Tivoli Enterprise Platform Client - CandleNet Portal, Candle Management Workstation.

Tivoli Monitoring is included with products using its services. 

IBM Product IDs:

  • Tivoli Monitoring V5.x Product ID: 5724-C04
  • Tivoli Monitoring V6.x Product ID; 5724-C04
  • Tivoli Management Services on z/OS V6.x Product ID: 5698-A79
  • Tivoli Monitoring Services on z/OS V6.x Product ID: 5698-A79

Entry last updated: 05-Jan-2013