IBM Integration Bus

Other Names:

WebSphere MQ Integrator
Websphere Message Broker
MQSeries Integrator
WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker


MQ, Messaging and SOA + Networks and Communication





Previous Vendors:

New Era of Networks



Short Description:

Route, transform and publish IBM MQ messages


Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) software to route, transform and publish IBM MQ messages. Can be used to reroute, translate, modify, secure and publish Websphere MQ messages. Until Websphere MQ V6.0, was the only way to perform publish/subscribe processing of IBM MQ messages.

Originally developed by New Era of Networks as NEONET. Rebranded and marketed by IBM in 1998 as MQSeries Integrator (MQSI). Renamed to Websphere MQ Integrator in 1999, and then WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker (WBIMB) in 2003. This included some development by IBM. Finally renamed to Websphere Message Broker in 2006. New Era of Networks involvement discontinued in the early 2000s. Renamed again to IBM Integration Bus in 2013.

V10 is the last z/OS version of this product.

IBM Product IDs:

  • IBM Integration Bus V10.x Product ID: 5655-AB1, 5655-AB2
  • IBM Integration Bus V9.x Product ID: 5655-IBB
  • Websphere Message Broker V8.x Product ID: 5697-P44
  • Websphere Message Broker V7.x Product ID: 5655-V60
  • Websphere Message Broker V6.x Product ID: 5655-M74
  • WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker V5.x Product ID: 5655-K60
  • WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V5.x Product ID: 5697-I11
  • Websphere MQ Integrator V2.x Product ID: 5655-G97

Entry last updated: 23-Nov-2022