Tivoli ADSM

Other Names:

Data Facility Distributed Storage Manager
ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manaager


Archive + Automation + UNIX and Windows + Backup and Restore + Files and Datasets


 Not Supported




z/OS  z/VM  

Short Description:

Backup and archive PC files to the mainframe


Software to backup workstation files onto the mainframe. Optional HSM (Hierarchical Storage Manager) feature automatically archived inactive files. Workstation clients included Microsoft MS-DOS, Apple MacIntosh, IBM OS/2 and IBM AIX. 

Initially released in the late 1980s as Workstation Data Save Facility (WDSF), a z/VM product. Renamed to Data Facility Distributed Storage Manager in 1992, adding MVS support. Later renamed to ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (ADSM), and finally to Tivoli ADSM.

Renamed to Tivoli Storage Manager in 1999. Support ended 1999.

IBM Product IDs:

  • WDSF Product ID: 5684-122
  • ADSM V1 (VM and MVS) Product ID: 5648-020
  • ADSM V2 (VM) Product ID: 5654-A02
  • ADSM V3 (VM) Product ID: 5697-VM3
  • ADSM V2 (MVS) Product ID: 5655-119
  • ADSM V3.1 (MVS) Product ID: 5655-A30

Entry last updated: 20-Jan-2013

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