Tivoli Storage Manager for z/OS


Automation + UNIX and Windows + Backup and Restore + Files and Datasets







Short Description:

Automated backup and archive of local and remote files


Software to automatically backup and archive remote files and datasets. Tool to control, manage and store backup and archive data from Tivoli Storage Manager clients available on many platforms, including Microsoft Windows and UNIX. z/OS based client (Tivoli Storage Manager for z/OS UNIX System Services (USS) Client and API) available for UNIX Systems Services (USS) HFS and zFS files.

Renamed from Tivoli Storage Manager S/390 Edition in 2003, dropping z/VM support. z/OS support dropped from TSM V6 (last z/OS version is 5.5). Migration path provided by Tivoli Storage Manager for z/OS Media.

IBM Product ID: 5698-A13

Entry last updated: 14-Jan-2013

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