Websphere DataStage for z/OS

Other Names:

Infosphere DataStage for z/OS
DataStage Enterprise for z/OS
DataStage for z/OS


Data Discovery, Mining and Processi


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Short Description:

ETL software


Extract, transform and load (ETL) software for mainframe data sources including DB2, VSAM, sequential and USS files. Access to z/OS based data for data warehousing and other ETL applications.

DataStage on non-mainframe platforms was first developed by VMark (later Ardent Software). Ardent was acquired by Informix (later Ascential) in 1999, who released the mainframe version of its DataStage Enterprise product. A DataStage environment running under z/OS UNIX Systems Services (USS). Synchronizes with a DataStage environment on Microsoft Windows/UNIX.

Different product to Websphere DataStage MVS Edition. Data updates transmitted to DataStage using Websphere DataStage Changed Data Capture.

Renamed to Websphere DataStage by IBM after acquiring Ascential in 2005. Replaced with DataStage products on other platforms accessing mainframe data using gateway products such as Infosphere Classic Federation Server. Support ended 2013.

IBM Product IDs:

  • Websphere DataStage for z/OS 7.5.1 Product ID: 5655-R62, 5654-A26

Entry last updated: 14-Jan-2013

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