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zISX is a Licensed Program from IIS, LLC, that that creates a zSeries, System/390 or a System/370 Virtual Machine environment as a started zOS task. 

zOS operating system services provide the virtual hardware support, such as disk and telecommunication devices. The virtual environment managed by zISX can run zLinux, zOS, zVSE, zTPF, OS/390, VSE, TPF, DPPX, and other standard mainframe operating systems. zISX also provides a supported machine environment for hardware that is no longer supported by IBM. 

Other advantages of zISX include exploiting the latest zOS features for non zOS systems, such as System Managed Storage, zOS System Resource Manager, zOS Security levels, etc., for the virtual machines and disk files (which are standard VSAM files).

Note: zISX can run thousands of zLinux images, and can scale a zLinux Cloud Computing environment on one zSeries server that has unmatched price performance while enjoying the performance and functionality of zOS tasks. The ability of zISX to share real memory, storage devices, and other resources are all managed by the industry’s most advanced zOS system facilities, with automatic exploitation of future zOS features for zLinux (and other) systems and applications. This capability can significantly bend/reduce the price performance curve for providing Cloud Computing in a mainframe environment as compared to other platforms such as RISC and Intel.

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