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QCODE is a cost-effective CASS Engine unlike any other product before it.

It does more for less - saving both money and time. It is really just that simple.

It was developed by Systems-level people rather than applications-level people; so it uses less System resources - more effectively ... in either a z/OS® or z/VSE® environment.

Unlike other products that were adapted/updated to meet ever-changing USPS regulations pertaining to "Direct Mail" products, QCODE is based on modern hardware architecture.

This greatly reduces and/or eliminates the need for extensive "code" changes to meet USPS rule changes. That means less concern for you - and us - in meeting USPS requirements in a timely manner.

Our control statements use a free-form, keyword format that eliminates any misplaced columnar information ... and our pre-editing points to any statement error, specifically - making problem resolution a breeze!

QCODE is also easy to understand and use due to the care and effort invested in its design and documentation - for both new, and experienced, users.

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