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CPCS Tools


Suite of tools and utilities for Check Processing Control System. Software includes:

  • AMRG – Automatic Merge System. Automate CPCS Merge (MRGE) task.
  • CIPS– CONIX Integrated Processing System. Integrate item processing activity. Actions taken in one application are reflected throughout the process.
  • CKLL– Concurrent Kill. CPCS Kill process management. 
  • CLAS – Cash Letter Administration System. Enhanced CPCS cash letter function.
  • CLRS– Cash Letter Recovery System. Format ACH transactions for lost or destroyed cash letter items. 
  • CPIM – Check Processing Installation Manager. Utilities for development, installation, and maintenance of CPCS-related products.
  • ESPR – Early SubPass and Reject Release.
  • MUTIL – MICR Extract Utility. Use CPCS ICRE and OSCHECK files for testing, conversions, and reporting.
  • OLSI – On-Line String Inquiry System. Browse, search, and print CPCS string data. 
  • ONAM – On-Line Name and Address System. Endpoint data maintenance.
  • ORBS – On-Line Reconcilement Banking System. Balancing.
  • QKLL – QuicKill. CPCS KILL replacement.
  • QSC – Quick Start Control. Collect CPCS control data faster with less balancing errors
  • REACT – Reject Evaluation Control Technique. Evaluate and monitor check processing quality
  • SPIS – Sort Pattern Inquiry System. Verify sort pattern changes without test decks or sorter capture.
  • SPMS – Sort Pattern Management System. Sort pattern control.
  • SPVS – Enhanced Supervisor. CPCS message display and task cancel replacement.
  • STAR – Sorter Tracking And Reporting. Control and reporting for MICR capture.
  • STGM – String Management System. CPCS string-level tools.
  • SuPRRB – Sub-Pass Reject Re-Entry and Balancing. Online system to balance sub-pass Entries (used with ORBS).
  • TBO – Tracer Balancing Option. Optimize CPCS tracer size
  • TCM – The Control Machine. Final settlement tool.
  • TCV – Thin-Client Viewer. Web interface and image integration to CPCS-based applications.

Entry last updated: 25-Nov-2013

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