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Application development suite of tools


Suite of application development tools - most ISPF based. Tools include:

  • MEMAIL - Send mainframe data as email attachments. Can be sent from batch, TSO, ISPF edit or browse, SDSF, JES and Endevor
  • MJCL4TST - Create test JCL from production.
  • MGENJCL - Generate skeleton JCL for JCL statements and utilities including DFSORT, IEBGENER, IDCAMS, DB2, Comparex and CA Easytrieve. JCL includes instructions on how to complete the JCL, that is not included in the submitted job.
  • MSCANSTR - Scan datasets for strings. Can scan multiple datasets for multiple strings at the same time.
  • MV - View datasets in with a single command from TSO or ISPF edit/view.
  • MSELECT - Manipulate data in datasets. Features include record splitting, text trimming and formatting, translation, date format conversion, convert between AScII and EBCDIC, apply REXX routines to words.
  • MPCKUNPK - Pack a PDS to a flat file, and unpack it back to a PDS. Can be used for mass updates to PDS datasets.
  • MTOPTEN - ISPF panel to short-cut editing, viewing and processing of 10 most used datasets/PDS members.
  • MASKDB2 - Access DB2 tables.
  • MCOMPARE - Compare datasets and source code
  • MQWCOPY - Smart dataset copy. Data can be reformatted, or subsets selected.
  • MCOLLATE - Match two files on sorted keys. Values from two files can be matched, and output as appropriate created in a third. For example, records in both datasets can be copied to a third.
  • MSWAP - Create a dataset from matching data in two other datasets
  • MCICSBMS - Generate CICS BMS statements from a screen image
  • MGENMFS - Generate IMS MFS statements from a screen image
  • MCBLXPRS - Generate skeleton COBOL code providing inputs and outputs
  • MCBLTRAC - Insert/remove COBOL DISPLAY Paragraph Name statements in COBOL code
  • MANLYZDD - List program names, datasets and other information from JCL. Extracts information as required from PROCs, program names passed as JCL parameters etc.
  • MEXECALL - Scan multiple programs for IMS, DB2, Websphere MQ or CICS statements
  • MXPNDJCL - Expand JCL, completing symbols and overrides.

Entry last updated: 02-Dec-2013

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