Other Names:

Information Management
Tivoli Information Management
Tivoli Service Desk


Change Management + Infrastructure and Computing Assets + Administration + Data Management







Short Description:

Asset, problem and change management


Mainframe based software designed to assist in asset, problem and change management. Features:

  • Inventory control - database of hardware and software assets
  • Problem tracking - open and manage problem tickets
  • Change management - open and manage change tickets
  • Ad hoc reporting - customizable online queries and reports.
  • Security
  • Automated problem tracking from other products

Initially released in 1981 as a problem and change management solution. Initially called Information/Management by IBM. Renamed to TME 10 Information/Management in 1997, and then to Tivoli Service Desk in 1998. Renamed back to Tivoli Information Management in 2001.

Web access introduced by Tivoli Web Access for InfoMan.

IBM Product IDs:

  • Tivoli Information Management for z/OS V7.x Product ID:  5698-SD9, 5698-A08
  • Tivoli® Service Desk for OS/390 V1.x Product ID; 5648-142, 5698-SD9
  • TME 10 Information/Management V1.x Product ID; 5648-142
  • Information/Management V3.X Product ID: 5664-322
  • Information/Management V4.x Product ID; 5685-060


Entry last updated: 23-Dec-2012

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