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Working in conjunction with hardware replication features such as EMC TimeFinder (including CLONE/Snap), Hitachi ShadowImage and IBM FlashCopy, FDRINSTANT can FDREPORT is a powerful and flexible reporting tool that can draw information from a variety of sources (see “report sources” below). It is available as a stand-alone option, and is also included with ABR. It can be installed and operational in less than 1 hour and can be used to report on anything from a few datasets to your entire z/OS DASD subsystem.

FDREPORT’s easy-to-read, management-level reporting allows you to see how effectively your z/OS DASD storage is being used, and can highlight potential problems before they become an issue. With FDREPORT you can create separate reports by department, project or individual user(s), or tailored reports created specifically for Storage Administrators, Operations Support, Data Analysts and Data Security/Auditing Analysts.

Report Sources 

FDREPORT can draw information from a variety of sources, including the VTOC, Catalog, VVDS, DFSMS and the HSM and ABR backup and migration control files. It can also read data from the DFSMSrmm and CA-1 tape management systems. 


FDREPORT can produce customized reports and summaries, and the report requests are executed through z/OS batch jobs or via a set of supplied ISPF panels.


FDREPORT is a high-performance reporting tool, which makes efficient use of z/OS resources. It can run during the day without any noticeable impact on other z/OS applications or users. It can typically report on 1,000s of DASD volumes in just a few minutes. 

Health Check Reports 

As well as having the flexibility to create your own customised reports, FDREPORT also comes with over 60 “pre-defined” reports, which are designed to provide you with a “health check” on your z/OS DASD System. With just a few minor changes to the pre-defined reports (e.g. to provide job cards, and to tell FDREPORT which DASD to look at), you can quickly and easily produce your own site’s DASD “health check”.


FDRViEWS is a GUI-based reporting tool that draws on the same sources as FDREPORT to allow you to query and analyze your z/OS data storage, monitor and report on your current DASD usage, identify trends, anticipate peak demands and predict future requirements. A “basic” version of FDRViEWS is included with FDREPORT and FDRABR and allows a subset of the features of FDRViEWS to be utilized. See FDRViEWS for more details,


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