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FDRViEWS is a GUI-based reporting tool that draws on the same sources as FDREPORT to allow you to query and analyze your z/OS storage, monitor and report on your current DASD usage, identify trends, anticipate peak demands and predict future requirements.

With FDRViEWS, you can quickly obtain answers to common Storage Management questions, such as: 

  • How much of our installed DASD are we using? 
  • Which DASD volumes are the fullest? 
  • Which applications or users are using the most DASD space? 
  • Which applications are growing at the fastest rate? 
  • How much more DASD space will we need in 6 months’ time? 

Data Collections 

With FDRViEWS, you can take scheduled and/or ad hoc “collections” of the status of your z/OS storage at both the volume level and dataset level. FDRViEWS can collect information from thousands of volumes in just a few minutes. This non-obtrusive process allows you to run your collections as frequently as required, and without affecting the performance of your z/OS system or its users and applications. 

The GUI Interface 

The FDRViEWS GUI component provides a graphical interface to your collected data. Through the FDRViEWS “viewer” you can analyze an individual collection to obtain targeted information about the status of your z/OS storage at a single point-in-time, or you can analyze multiple collections to obtain historical/trending information about your z/OS storage usage and growth. 

The simple GUI interface and the “ask a question, get an answer” mechanism allows both the experienced and inexperienced user to quickly and easily obtain the answers to their storage management questions. 

Report Formats 

Having asked the appropriate “question” you can then view the “answer” in a variety of formats, including bar charts, pie charts and tables etc.  

FDRViEWS “Basic” Version

A “basic” version of FDRViEWS is included with FDREPORT and FDRABR and allows a subset of the features of FDRViEWS to be utilized.


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