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FASTCPK is a DASD Volume reorganization and space release tool that provides a fast, efficient and minimally disruptive solution to a wide range of DASD related Storage Management issues, including: 

  • Free Space Fragmentation. FASTCPK can “defrag” or consolidate free space on a volume into as few as one or two contiguous areas, reducing the fragmentation index (fragindex).
  • Multiple Extents. FASTCPK merges the extents of Sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, DB2 and Extended Format VSAM data sets.
  • Wasted Space. FASTCPK releases all or part of the unused space within Sequential, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, DB2 and Extended Format VSAM data sets.
  • VTOC errors. FASTCPK analyzes a VTOC and detects logical errors (e.g. invalid F5's and incorrect free space definitions). 


FASTCPK is extremely fast and usually takes less than 1 minute to consolidate free space, merge extents and release unused free space on a 3390-3. The optional SIZEKEEP parameter can limit the amount of data moved, allowing the process to finish even faster. You can also opt to just release unused free space using the optional TYPE=RLSE mode, which usually runs in less than 10 seconds.

Simulation & Reporting 

FASTCPK can produce a range of detailed and summary reports. The MAP function allows you to map out the contents of selected volumes, while the SIMULATE feature lets you see the effects of a FASTCPK before you run it for real.

Reorganising VSAM

If you need to logically reorganize the data within your VSAM files, see FDRREORG.


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