Ericom Software

From the Vendor

Ericom® Software is a leading global provider of Access, Virtualization and RDP Acceleration solutions. Since 1993, Ericom enables organizations across all industries to provide secure, centrally managed access to applications, desktops and data running on Microsoft RDS/Terminal Services, VDI, Cloud platforms, and other systems, from a broad range of user devices.

Ericom's best-in-class PowerTerm Series terminal emulation products are designed to meet a wide range of business host-access challenges, including reliable, secure and easy access to accounting, inventory, management, and other mission critical applications. Our terminal emulators enable connectivity from Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and thin clients to a variety of hosts, including IBM Mainframe (zSeries), IBM AS/400 (iSeries), UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, Data General, SCO, Tandem (NSK), and HP-3000.

PowerTerm emulators enable organizations to standardize on a single host access solution that supports over 35 terminal emulation types, while facilitating compliance with key industry and regulatory standards, including GLBA, PCI, FIPS, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX and JSOX.

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