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Burroughs, Sperry, Univac, Remington,




From humble beginning as manufacturers of typewriters, adding machines and navigation equipment, Unisys has grown to be a major player in hardware, software, services and outsourcing.

Unisys is an amalgamation of many companies:


Formed in 1873. Introduced the first commercially viable typewriter. Merged with Rand Kardex in 1927 to form Remington Rand. Produced the 409, the world's first business computer, in 1949. Merged with Sperry in 1955 to form Sperry Rand.


Formed in 1886 as American Arithmometer to sell the world's first commercially viable adding and listing machine. Renamed Burroughs Adding Machine Company in 1905. Introduced the B5000 series computer, the first dual-processor and virtual memory computer in 1961. This computer ran Burrough's Master Control Program, or MCP. This is still used by Unisys computers today.

In 1984, Burroughs introduced the A Series, now known as Unisys Clearpath Libra. In 1986, Burroughs and Sperry merged to form Unisys.


Formed in 1910 as Sperry Gyroscope, selling making navigational equipment. In 1930, they developed the artificial horizon and aircraft directional gyroscope.

In 1960, Sperry introduced the 1100 Series in 1960, the forerunner of the 2200 Series, known today as Unisys Clearpath Dorado running the OS220 operating system.

In 1986, Burroughs and Sperry merged to form Unisys.


In 1986, Burroughs and Sperry merged to form Unisys.

Entry last updated: 22-Jan-2013