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Create and view books and documents online


Create and view softcopy books online. Available on many platforms, including Windows, z/OS and z/VM. Books created by Bookmanager on any platform can be read by Bookmanager on any platform. BookManager can create books from BookMaster and DCF docuents.

BookManager is now included with z/OS.

Two separately packaged and marketed components:

  • BookManager Build - create Bookmanager books.
  • BookManager Read - read Bookmanager books.

BookManager Bookserver products for AIX, Linux and Windows allowed these products to host BookManager book libraries. These products are out of service as of 30-Apr-2005.

IBM Product IDs:

  • BookManager Build for MVS   Release 3 Product ID: 5695-045
  • BookManager Read for MVS Release 3Product ID: 5695-046
  • BookManager Build for z/OS and BookManager Read for z/OS do not have product IDs
  • BookManager Build for z/VM Product ID: 5684-026
  • Bookmanager Read for VM Product ID: 5684-062


Entry last updated: 17-Dec-2012

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