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Document Composition Facility


Content, Books and Documents






z/OS  z/VM  z/VSE  

Short Description:

Mainframe word processor


Create documents on the mainframe. DCF creates documents using the markup languages SCRIPT/VS and GML to define headings, text layout, tables, fonts and other document layout features. Other features include:

  • Table of contents and index generation
  • Footnotes
  • Multi-column formatting
  • Text positioning
  • Revision codes and version control
  • Hypertext linking for document viewing using AFP Viewer
  • Document navigation
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Spell checking

DCF Consists of:

  • SCRIPT/VS - Markup language used to identify document formatting and features.
  • GML - Generalized Markup Language. An easier markup language that can be used for basic document formatting without learning SCRIPT/VS
  • SMFF - Subset of SCRIPT/VS for mathematical formulas
  • Font Library Indexing Program (FLIP) - create an index of available fonts.

DCF executes under CICS (z/OS and z/VSE), TSO (z/OS) and CMS (z/VM). It can also be invoked from batch. DCF versions were also available for IBM OS/2 and Microsoft Windows

BookManager uses SCRIPT in its internal format, and can create books from DCF documents. BookMaster expands DCF. 

First released by IBM in the 1970s.

IBM Product ID: 5748-XX9

Entry last updated: 04-Jan-2013

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