Other Names:

Advantage CA Easytrieve
CA Easytrieve


Report Generation and Management + Programming Language





Previous Vendors:

Pansophic Systems -> CA Technologies


z/OS  z/VM  z/VSE  

Short Description:

Report generation language


Programming language designed to produce reports. Also available on UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

The original Easytrieve, also referred to as Easytrive Classic provided the basic language structure. This was enhanced, originally as a separate product called Pro/Grammer, but later incorporated as Easytrieve Plus. The current Easytrieve product includes both.

Easytrieve is designed as an easy to use language for quickly generating reports from databases and other data sources.

Easytrieve can process input files (Sequential/VSAM) and read databases including Adabas, DB2, CA Datacom/DB, IMS and IDMS. It can sort and manipulate data, and invoke other programs for additional processing.

Options to generate and view reports online from TSO/E and CICS are also available.

Acquired by Broadcom from its acquisition of CA Technologies in 2018.

Entry last updated: 10-Feb-2023