Content Manager OnDemand

Other Names:

EDMSuite OnDemand
DB2 Content Manager OnDemand


Report Generation and Management + Printing and Output + Automation







Short Description:

Enterprise report management


Capture, store, view, and manage reports and output. Uses DB2 to store data. Consists of:

  • Library server: Capture, index and manage reports.
  • Object server: Manage report objects
  • PDF Indexer feature: Optional feature to index PDF documents.
  • OnDemand Distribution Facility (ODF): a CICS based solution that bundles and distributes reports and documents.
  • Enhanced Retention Manager: optional feature to hold or lock a document past its expiry date.
  • Advanced Function Presentation Transformations (or APF2WEB, APF2PDF, APF2HTML, LINE2PDF) - optional feature to transform line or AFP format to HTML and PDF.

First released by IBM as EDMSuite OnDemand for AS/400 and OS/390 platforms. Renamed to Content Manager OnDemand in 2000.

IBM Product IDs:

  • Content Manager OnDemand V10.x Product ID: 5697-CM1
  • Content Manager OnDemand V9.x Product ID: 5697-CMD
  • Content Manager OnDemand V8.x Product ID: 5697-N93
  • Content Manager OnDemand V7.x Product ID: 5655-H39
  • DB2 Content Manager OnDemand V2.x Product ID: 5655-A88
  • EDMSuite OnDemand V2.x Product ID: 5655-A88

Entry last updated: 01-Sep-2017

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