IBM Z NetView

Other Names:

Netview for MVS
TME 10 Netview
Tivoli Netview


Networks and Communication + Monitor + Operating System + Automation







Short Description:

Network monitoring and systems automation


Originally a network monitoring and automation product created from the merger of products NCCF, NLDM, NPDA, and offerings VNCA (VTAM Node Control Application) and NMPF (Network Management Productivity Facility). These products became components of Netview. Subsequent version added TCP/IP management, z/OS console message automation, AON/MVS, time-based processing, REXX and other language support. Today Netview is the environment used by Tivoli Systems Automation.

First released in 1986.

IBM Product IDs:

  • NetView for MVS V2.x Product ID: 5685-111
  • NetView for VM V2.x Product ID: 5756-051
  • NetView for VSE V2.x Product ID; 5686-055
  • NetView for MVS V3.x Product ID: 5655-007
  • TME 10 NetView for OS/390 V1.x Product ID: 5697-B82
  • Tivoli NetView for z/OS V5.x Product ID: 5697-ENV
  • Tivoli NetView for z/OS V6.x Product ID: 5697-NV6
  • IBM Z NetView V6.x Product ID: 5697-NV6

Entry last updated: 31-Mar-2022

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