NSI Output Manager

Other Names:

Barr EOM


Report Generation and Management + Printing and Output + Automation




Notable Solutions

Previous Vendors:

Barr Systems


z/OS  z/VM  z/VSE  

Short Description:

Report and job output management


Windows based tool to centrally capture, store, manage and forward print and report output from different platforms, including z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, Microsoft Windows, System i (AS/400) and UNIX systems.

Supports mainframe communications via RJE, NJE, TCP/IP, 3211 printer emulation, LPD/LPR, and Websphere MQ.

Originally released by Barr Systems as Barr EOM. Acquired by NSI in 2013 and renamed to NSI Output Manager.

Entry last updated: 23-Mar-2014

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