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With P-Tracker you have a software monitoring tool for z/OS mainframe systems that not only tells you which software products and inhouse modules have been actually accessed, but also how much they're being used, and by whom. P-Tracker will ensure that every module of every product and application is monitored for usage on your z/OS system and sub-systems (CICS, IMS, ..). And you'll know who's using it. Knowing which modules are used means you know which features are used in your current systems, and which systems are obsolete.

If your job is to continue to reduce mainframe software costs at your organization, or look at options regarding system replacement costs, then P-Tracker automates the delivery of the current usage information you need to be in charge of negotiations:

P-Tracker detects and identifies software products your installation isn't using anymore, so you can cancel rental or maintenance on them, and cease supporting them.

P-Tracker identifies the users of lightly used products, so you can find out if their software needs can be met in other ways.

P-Tracker helps you find software that's installed on the wrong system, so that you can remove it.

P-Tracker finds all modules that are used to ensure that you will convert the right modules and features when migrating to new systems

Software Asset Management’s primary function is to answer commercial and financial questions, however, the data gathered for SAM can also be used to answer many technical questions as well, such as: Who would be impacted by an upgrade? What libraries is this JOB using (error analysis for lengthy jobs)? What different maintenance levels are deployed? What needs to be replicated in the Disaster Recovery Systems?

P-Tracker records program calls systemwide. Unlike other products, P-Tracker not only monitors batch program calls, it also offers the option to monitor program invocations under CICS, or other z/OS subsystems. Every dynamic program call is monitored. Its output can be conveniently loaded into DBMS tables, to allow for user specific SQL queries. In fact, P-Tracker enables you to load the data into all types of DBMSs: DB2 z/OS, DB2 LUW, or to any other SQL machine, or to SAS and each other processing environment. 

Using P-Tracker, you can easily determine whether specific program families are used. It can confirm the CPUs and sub-systems where programs are used. It identifies the users that need to be notified when you decide to change or drop the software. P-Tracker empowers you to cancel software that is no longer cost-justified.


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