Reflection for the Web

From the Vendor

Reflection for the Web is terminal emulation software that securely connects web browser users to applications on IBM, UNIX, OpenVMS, Unisys, HP, and IBM TPF hosts. With strong encryption and authentication capabilities, Reflection for the Web 2011 safely delivers fully functioning host applications across the public Internet. It offers easier automation, an enhanced user experience, and unrivaled security.

With Reflection for the Web, you can: 

  • Centrally install, deploy, and manage your terminal emulation applications—and save time and money.  
  • Securely connect local and remote browser users to legacy applications running on IBM mainframe, iSeries, UNIX, OpenVMS, Unisys, HP e3000, and IBM TPF hosts.
  • Protect host sessions with patented secure token authorization and AES encryption over SSL/TLS and SSH.
  • Support emerging technologies, including Windows 7; Google Chrome; zLinux; and Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware virtualization platforms.
  • Take full advantage of scalable, high-performing servers with the automated 64-bit installer for Windows and Linux.
  • Authenticate users with Active Directory, LDAP, X.509 smart cards, Kerberos, and web portal authentication methods.
  • Use enterprise directory services, such as Active Directory, to control user access to sensitive data and resources—without making any changes to your LDAP schema or data.
  • Facilitate compliance with regulations such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, and Basel II.
  • Meter thin-client usage in standard desktop or Citrix environments with the Reflection Metering Server.