Boole and Babbage

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K & K Associates



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San Jose, California based mainframe software company formed in 1967 by Ken Kolence and David Katch. Originally called K & K associates, BMC was initially a consulting company. However it created two software products to measure computer performance: PPE (Problem Program Evaluator) and CUE (Configuration Utilization Evaluator) - products for the OS/360 mainframe system.

These software products became very popular, and Boole and Babbage became one of the most successful mainframe performance software companies in the world.

Renamed to Boole and Babbage in 1967 after the English mathematicians George Boole (creator of Boolean algebra) and Charles Babbage (regarded as the inventor of the modern computer).

Merged with BMC in 1998.


Companies Acquired (1)

Empact Software Inc

Entry last updated: 12-Feb-2023