Operational Decision Manager for z/OS

Other Names:

Websphere Operational Decision Management for z/OS


Application - Accounting/Business + Application Development







Short Description:

Business event monitor and business rule management system


Business rule management system (BRMS) and business event monitoring. BRMS component separates business rules from application logic. Event processing component allows non-technical users to identify criteria justifying events. Websphere Operational Decision Management can monitor and process these events, possibly searching for patterns or thresholds.

Consists of two products:

Websphere Decision Center for z/OS

Store and manage business rules, policies and events. Features include:

  • Administration console
  • Repository - stores business and event rules created in Websphere Decision Server. Data stored in DB2 databases.

Runs on Websphere Application Server.

Websphere Decision Server for z/OS

Runtime for business events and rules. Rules options include:

Business rules component of Websphere Decision Server also available as Websphere Business Rules for z/OS.

First released in 2011, merging Websphere Business Events and Websphere ILOG BRMS products such as Websphere ILOG Rule Team Server for z/OS and Websphere Business Rules for z/OS.

IBM Product IDs: 

  • V7.5 Product ID: 5655-Y07
  • V8.x Product ID: 5655-Y17

Entry last updated: 18-Mar-2015