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Short Description:

Programming language for reporting and statistical analysis


Statistical Analysis System (SAS). Programming language for report generation and statistical data analysis. Available on many platforms including Windows, UNIX and z/OS.

Optional add-on products include:

  • SAS/ACCESS - Access databases including IMS, DB2, CA Datacom/DB, CA IDMS and Adabas.
  • SAS/ASSIST - Older visual interface to SAS.
  • SAS/CONNECT - Communicate between SAS on different platforms, including UNIX and Windows.
  • SAS/ETS - Econometric, time series and forecasting features.
  • SAS/GIS - Geographical Information System
  • SAS/IML - Matrix programming. Translate mathematical formulas into program statements
  • SAS/GRAPH - Generate graphs.
  • SAS/IntrNet - Publish SAS results as web pages with CGI/Java features.
  • SAS/LAB - Guided data analysis for scientists and engineers.
  • SAS/OR - (Operations Research) Optimization, simulation and project scheduling functionality.
  • SAS/QC - Quality control features.
  • SAS/SECURE - Encrypt traffic between SAS on different systems
  • SAS/SHARE - multiple processes accessing SAS files concurrently. SAS file access from ODBC/JDBC.
  • SAS/STAT - Statistical analysis such as variance and predictive modeling.
  • SAS/TOOLKIT - Create custom SAS procedures.

Originated in 1965 in the North Carolina State University as a project to analyze agricultural research. Software was later licensed by other organizations. The SAS Institute was founded to develop and market the software.

Originally written for IBM mainframe systems in Assembler and PL/I. Rewritten in SAS/C in the 1980s, enabling the software to be ported to other operating systems.


Entry last updated: 01-Jan-2013