Mainframe Software List

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Previous or other software names

 Other NameSoftwareVendor
ADR/The LibrarianLibrarianBroadcom
Advantage Automated Code AssessmentCA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
Advantage Automated Code StructuringCA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
AlchemistCA AlchemistBroadcom
BMC Control-M Workload Automation JCL VerifyControl-M JCL VerifyBMC
BMC JCL VerifyControl-M JCL VerifyBMC
Breeze for Software Configuration and Library ManagerBreeze for SCLMIBM
CA EndevorEndevorBroadcom
CA JCLCheckJCLCheck Workload AutomationBroadcom
CA LibrarianLibrarianBroadcom
CA PanvaletPanvaletBroadcom
CCC/Life Cycle ManagerASG-Life Cycle ManagerASG Software Solutions
CloneDRClone DoctorSemantic Designs
E-GEN JCLCheckerE-GEN/JCLCheckerInternational Software Company
Enterprise Maintenance ToolEMTPrince Software
INFO/X EnterpriseASG-INFO/X EnterpriseASG Software Solutions
JCL CheckJCLCheck Workload AutomationBroadcom
JCL VerifyControl-M JCL VerifyBMC
JCLPlusJCLPlus+Software Engineering of America
JCLPlus RemoteJCLPlus+ RemoteSoftware Engineering of America
PRO/390ASG-PRO/JCLASG Software Solutions
PRO/JCLASG-PRO/JCLASG Software Solutions
Procedure Language FacilityPLFSoftware Pursuits
RTSReal Time StandardsInterchip
Software Configuration and Library ManagerSCLMIBM
The LibrarianLibrarianBroadcom
VIA/AllianceASG-AllianceASG Software Solutions
VIA/RecapASG-RecapASG Software Solutions
Vision:AssessCA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
VISION:RecodeCA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
Websphere Studio Asset AnalyzerRational Asset AnalyzerIBM
XREFJED XREFData Center Management Systems
XREFPlus DBrXREFPlus+DBrSoftware Engineering of America
XREFPlusDBrXREFPlus+DBrSoftware Engineering of America