Sterling Software

Past Products

Past software no longer supported, or acquired by other vendors

Software No Longer Supported (5)


Past Software Now Marketed by Other Vendors (8)

Allocate DASD Space and PlacementBroadcom
Compress Data Compression for IMSBroadcom
Disk Backup and RestoreBroadcom
Netmaster File Transfer ManagementBroadcom
Netmaster Network Management for SNABroadcom
Vantage Storage IntelligenceBroadcom

Past Software Now Supported by Other Vendors (35)

CA Compress Data CompressionBroadcom
CA Compress Data Compression for DB2Broadcom
CA CPT CICS Programmers ToolkitBroadcom
CA Netmaster Network AutomationBroadcom
CA Netmaster Network Management for TCP/IPBroadcom
CA Solve:AccessBroadcom
CA Solve:CentralBroadcom
CA Solve:FTSBroadcom
CA Solve:OperationsBroadcom
CA TCPaccess Communication ServerBroadcom
CA TCPaccess X.25 ServerBroadcom
CA VISION:BuilderBroadcom
CA VISION:ExcelBroadcom
CA VISION:InformBroadcom
CA VISION:InquiryBroadcom
CA VISION:ReportBroadcom
CA VISION:ResultsBroadcom
CA VISION:SixtyBroadcom
CA VISION:TransactBroadcom
CA VISION:TwoBroadcom
CA VM:AccountBroadcom
CA VM:ArchiverBroadcom
CA VM:BackupBroadcom
CA VM:BatchBroadcom
CA VM:DirectorBroadcom
CA VM:OperatorBroadcom
CA VM:ScheduleBroadcom
CA VM:SortBroadcom
CA VM:SpoolBroadcom
CA VM:TapeBroadcom
CA VMLIBBroadcom

Past Software Discontinued by Other Vendors (27)

CA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
CA Automated Code Documentation for COBOLCA Technologies
CA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
CA FleeCA Technologies
CA TCPaccess FTP ServerBroadcom
CA TCPaccess Telnet ServerCA Technologies
CA VISION:JourneyCA Technologies
CA VM:DB Editor for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB Monitor for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB Reorganizer for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB Reporter for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB Restore for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB REXX for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:DB/Admin for DB2CA Technologies
CA VM:MonitorCA Technologies
CA VM:PROREXXCA Technologies
CA VM:VantageCA Technologies
CA VM:WebgatewayCA Technologies
CA VM:XMENUCA Technologies
CA:VM DB DeveloperCA Technologies
SAMS:VistaCA Technologies
Solve:AssetCA Technologies
Solve:ChangeCA Technologies
Solve:ConfigurationCA Technologies
Solve:ProblemCA Technologies
VM:DBACA Technologies
VM:NotekeeperCA Technologies