Mainframe Software List

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Previous or other software names

 Other NameSoftwareVendor
3270 PathwayUniKix 3270 PathwayDell Computer Corporation
AD/Cycle CODE/370Debug for z/OSIBM
ADS+ADSDelta Software Technology
ADSplusADSDelta Software Technology
Advanced Debugging System for CICSADS for CICSGary Bergman Associates
Advantage Automated Code AssessmentCA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
Advantage Automated Code StructuringCA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
Advantage GenGenBroadcom
Aion Development SystemCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AION/DSCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AIONDSCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
AllFusion GenGenBroadcom
AM4CICSAccess Manager for CICSOracle
AM4IMSAccess Manager for IMSOracle
APAApplication Performance Analyzer for z/OSIBM
Application Development FacilityADF IIIBM
Application Performance AnalyzerApplication Performance Analyzer for z/OSIBM
Application SystemRocket ASRocket Software
ApplinXwebMethods ApplinXSoftware AG
AppMaster BuilderMicro Focus AMBMicro Focus
APPTUNE for DB2BMC AMI Apptune for Db2BMC
APS for MVSMicro Focus APSMicro Focus
APS for z/OSMicro Focus APSMicro Focus
ASG ESWASG-Existing Systems WorkbenchASG Software Solutions
ASG-RenaissanceASG-EncoreASG Software Solutions
ASTRAC ASRocket ASRocket Software
BlueZone HostFrontHostFrontRocket Software
BPFBarcode Print FacilitySound Software Printing
Breeze for Software Configuration and Library ManagerBreeze for SCLMIBM
CA Bind Analyzer for Db2Bind Analyzer for Db2Broadcom
CA CPTCA CPT CICS Programmers ToolkitBroadcom
CA Detector for Db2Detector for Db2Broadcom
CA GenGenBroadcom
CA Intertest for BatchIntertest for BatchBroadcom
CA Intertest for CICSIntertest for CICSBroadcom
CA Mainframe Application TunerMainframe Application TunerBroadcom
CA Plan Analyzer for DB2Plan Analyzer for Db2Broadcom
CA SQL-EaseSQL-EaseBroadcom
CA-IDMS Developer ToolkitIDMS Developer ToolkitCogito
CHAMPSChangeMan ZMFMicro Focus
Change ManChangeMan ZMFMicro Focus
CICS IACICS Interdependency AnalyzerIBM
CICS Programmers ToolkitCA CPT CICS Programmers ToolkitBroadcom
CICS Task Event RecorderCICS Task Flow RecorderAlgorinet
Cleverpath Aion Business Rules ExpertCA Aion Business Rules ExpertBroadcom
CODE/370Debug for z/OSIBM
Compile QQFCA Compile QQFCA Technologies
Compile/QQFCA Compile QQFCA Technologies
Composer by IEFGenBroadcom
ConsensusCA UFOBroadcom
CProfC/ProfCircle Software
Cross System ProductCSPIBM
Data Studio pureQuery RuntimeInfosphere Optim pureQuery RuntimeIBM
DataDirect IDMS ExtensionsShadow IDMS ExtensionsRocket Software
DataDirect OCA-COMMITOCA-COMMITRocket Software
DataDirect OCA-DB2OCA-DB2Rocket Software
DataDirect OCA-EXCIOCA-EXCIRocket Software
DataDirect OCA-MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
DataDirect OCA-SYSLINKOCA-SYSLINKRocket Software
DataDirect OCA-TCPIPOCA-TCPIPRocket Software
DataVantageDataVantage for IMSDirect Computer Resources
DBCz/XDCColesoft Marketing
Debug Tool for z/OSDebug for z/OSIBM
Delta/ADSADSDelta Software Technology
Development Management System/CICSDMS/CICSIBM
eAPIENTACT!APIASG Software Solutions
EIFTivoli Event Integration FacilityIBM
Enterprise Developer ServerRational COBOL Runtime for zSeriesIBM
EntirewebMethods EntireXSoftware AG
EntireXwebMethods EntireXSoftware AG
Explain SQLPlan Analyzer for Db2Broadcom
Gener/OLCA Gener/OLBroadcom
HATSRational Host Access Transformation ServicesIBM
HBXHostBridge Process AutomationHostBridge Technology
HFESHostFrontRocket Software
Host Access Transformation ServicesRational Host Access Transformation ServicesIBM
HostFront Enterprise ServerHostFrontRocket Software
HostFusewebMethods JISoftware AG
HuronTIBCO Object Service BrokerTIBCO
IBM Debug for z/OSDebug for z/OSIBM
IDMS ExtensionsShadow IDMS ExtensionsRocket Software
IDzIBM Developer for z/OSIBM
ILOG Rules for COBOLWebsphere ILOG Rules for COBOLIBM
IMS Application Development FacilityADF IIIBM
IntertestIntertest for CICSBroadcom
Jacada IntegratorwebMethods JISoftware AG
LiveContent PATH3270UniKix 3270 PathwayDell Computer Corporation
MATMainframe Application TunerBroadcom
MetaCOBOLCA MetaCOBOLCA Technologies
MQ WorkflowWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
MQSeries WorkflowWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
myExtra! Smart Connector for 3270/5250Synapta Services Builder for 3270/5250Attachmate
myEXTRA! Smart Connector for CICSSynapta Services Builder for CICSAttachmate
myEXTRA! Smart Connector for IMSSynapta Services Builder for IMSAttachmate
Natural for DLINatural for DL/ISoftware AG
Natural for IMS/TMNatural for DL/ISoftware AG
Netron/CapNetron FusionNetron
ObjectStarTIBCO Object Service BrokerTIBCO
ODMOperational Decision Manager for z/OSIBM
Optim pureQuery RuntimeInfosphere Optim pureQuery RuntimeIBM
Optim Query Tuner for DB2Infosphere Optim Query Tuner for DB2IBM
Optim Query Workload Tuner for DB2Infosphere Optim Query Workload Tuner for DB2IBM
PATH/3270UniKix 3270 PathwayDell Computer Corporation
PATH3270UniKix 3270 PathwayDell Computer Corporation
PATROL SQL Explorer for DB2BMC AMI SQL Explorer for Db2BMC
Pegasys Rules Process CommanderPega BPMPegasystems
PERCOBOL Integrated Development EnvironmentC2J-IDELegacyJ
Performance for DB2 SQLBMC API SQL Performance for Db2BMC
Platinum Plan AnalyzerPlan Analyzer for Db2Broadcom
PPEProblem Program EvaluatorBMC
Pro-BuildCA Pro-Build for DB2CA Technologies
Pro-OptimizeCA Pro-Optimize for DB2CA Technologies
ProBuildCA Pro-Build for DB2CA Technologies
ProOptimizeCA Pro-Optimize for DB2CA Technologies
PRPCPega BPMPegasystems
PZBPPRC for z/OS BatchPegasystems
PZCPPRC for z/OS CobolPegasystems
Rational Business Developer ExtensionRational Business DeveloperIBM
Rational Developer for System zIBM Developer for z/OSIBM
RDXRLX for DB2Broadcom
RDzIBM Developer for z/OSIBM
RTORR to ROpen Software Technologies
RtoRR to ROpen Software Technologies
SAPLCOSAP Legacy ConnectorSAP
SCOUTSCOUT²Delta Software Technology
SDFScreen Definition Facility IIIBM
SDF IIScreen Definition Facility IIIBM
SGTCA Gener/OLBroadcom
Shadow OCA-COMMITOCA-COMMITRocket Software
Shadow OCA-EXCIOCA-EXCIRocket Software
Shadow OCA-MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
Shadow OCA-TCPIPOCA-TCPIPRocket Software
Shadow OCADB2OCA-DB2Rocket Software
Sinfonia OCAShadow IDMS ExtensionsRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA COMMITOCA-COMMITRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA DB2OCA-DB2Rocket Software
Sinfonia OCA EXCIOCA-EXCIRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA MQSeriesOCA-MQSeriesRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA SYSLINKOCA-SYSLINKRocket Software
Sinfonia OCA TCPIPOCA-TCPIPRocket Software
Sinfonia SuiteShadow IDMS ExtensionsRocket Software
SoftSpySoftSpy for Model 204Rocket Software
SOLVE:CPTCA CPT CICS Programmers ToolkitBroadcom
SQL ExplorerBMC AMI SQL Explorer for Db2BMC
SQL Performance for DB2BMC API SQL Performance for Db2BMC
SQL/Command AnalysisSQL/CASoftware Product Research
SunLink LU0Brixton LU0 API ToolkitAlebra Technologies
SunLink SNA/PTPBrixton LU6.2 API ToolkitAlebra Technologies
TDFTrap Diagnostic FacilityArney Computer Systems
TELON/PCTELON PCPansophic Systems
TFRCICS Task Flow RecorderAlgorinet
TrackMacKinney TrackMacKinney Systems
TransCentury Calendar RoutinesCA Calendar RoutinesCA Technologies
TriTuneASG-TriTuneASG Software Solutions
TriTuneMainframe Application TunerBroadcom
Unicenter Solve:InfomasterSolve:InfomasterBroadcom
User Files OnlineCA UFOBroadcom
VAGenVisualAge GeneratorIBM
VIA/AllianceASG-AllianceASG Software Solutions
VIA/AutoChangeASG-AutoChangeASG Software Solutions
VIA/EstimateASG-EstimateASG Software Solutions
VIA/ESWASG-Existing Systems WorkbenchASG Software Solutions
VIA/Existing Systems WorkbenchASG-Existing Systems WorkbenchASG Software Solutions
VIA/InsightASG-InsightASG Software Solutions
VIA/RecapASG-RecapASG Software Solutions
VIA/RenaissanceASG-EncoreASG Software Solutions
Vision:AssessCA Automated Code AssessmentCA Technologies
VISION:RecodeCA Automated Code Structuring for COBOLCA Technologies
VisualConnectIvory Visual ConnectAdaptigent
VisualGenVisualAge GeneratorIBM
VM DB DeveloperCA:VM DB DeveloperCA Technologies
VM:DB REXXCA VM:DB REXX for DB2CA Technologies
VollieCA VollieBroadcom
WDDzWebsphere Developer Debugger for System zIBM
WDzWebsphere Developer for System zIBM
Websphere Business Rules for z/OSIBM Business Rules for z/OSIBM
WebSphere Developer Debugger for zSeriesWebsphere Developer Debugger for System zIBM
Websphere Developer for z/SeriesWebsphere Developer for System zIBM
Websphere Host Access Transofmration ServicesRational Host Access Transformation ServicesIBM
Websphere ILOG Business Rules for z/OSIBM Business Rules for z/OSIBM
Websphere Operational Decision Management for z/OSOperational Decision Manager for z/OSIBM
WMQWFWebsphere MQ WorkflowIBM
WPSWebsphere Process Server for z/OSIBM
WSEDWebsphere Studio Enterprise DeveloperIBM
XDCz/XDCColesoft Marketing
XrayMacKinney XrayMacKinney Systems
XtraceTraceMasterMacro 4
z/Services StudioShadow StudioRocket Software