Mainframe Software List

mainframe software beginning with "I"

Previous or other software names

 Other NameSoftwareVendor
I/O Plus for VSAMVSAM I/O PlusSoftworks
IAFCItem Access FacilityIBM
IBM C for System/370C for System370IBM
IBM Debug for z/OSDebug for z/OSIBM
IBM Security zSecure AdminzSecure AdminIBM
IBM Security zSecure AlertzSecure AlertIBM
IBM Security zSecure AuditzSecure AuditIBM
IBM Security zSecure CICS ToolkitzSecure CICS ToolkitIBM
IBM Security zSecure Command VerifierzSecure Command VerifierIBM
IBM Security zSecure VisualzSecure VisualIBM
IBM Workload Scheduler for z/OSIBM Z Workload SchedulerIBM
IBM Z Decision Support for Capacity Planning IBM Z Performance and Capacity AnalyticsIBM
iCapBMC AMI Ops Automation for CappingBMC
ICEACI Communication ServicesACI Payment Systems
ICEIMAGE Control EnvironmentNewEra Software
ICRMainstar Clone and Rename for IMSRocket Software
ICS/VaultData VaultBMC
ICU MVSI.C.U...MVSJanus Associates
ID-SynchIdentity ManagerHitachi ID Systems
IdealCA IdealBroadcom
IDentiServSecurForce IDentiServBeta Systems
IDI ToolkitDatabase Management for IMSBroadcom
IDMS CulpritCA CulpritBroadcom
IDMS ExtensionsShadow IDMS ExtensionsRocket Software
IDzIBM Developer for z/OSIBM
iExtractiExtract for IMSBMC
IFSInteractive Financial SystemIBM
IIBIBM Integration BusIBM
IISInteractive Instruction SystemIBM
ILOG Rules for COBOLWebsphere ILOG Rules for COBOLIBM
Image FOCUS Control EnvironmentIMAGE Control EnvironmentNewEra Software
ImagePlusDB2 ImagePlusIBM
ImagePlus VisualInfoDB2 ImagePlusIBM
IMPLEXZEN IP MonitorPrecisely
IMS Application Development FacilityADF IIIBM
IMS BTSIMS Batch Terminal SimulatorIBM
IMS Compression - ExtendedIMS Hardware Data Compression ExtendedIBM
IMS Copy and RenameMainstar Clone and Rename for IMSRocket Software
IMS Cross Memory CommunicatorIMS Parallel Change AccumulationIBM
IMS Database ToolsIMS System Utilities/Data Base ToolsIBM
IMS DiagrammerGT DiagrammerGrid-Tools
IMS HALDB Conversion AidIMS High Availability Large Database (HALDB) ToolkitIBM
IMS HALDB Conversion and Maintenance AidIMS High Availability Large Database (HALDB) ToolkitIBM
IMS High Performance Sysgen ToolsIMS High Performance System Generation ToolsIBM
IMS MRQIMS Message RequeuerIBM
IMS Online Recovery ServiceIMS Database Recovery FacilityIBM
IMS PAIMS Performance AnalyzerIBM
IMS Parallel ReorganizationIMS Database Reorganization ExpertIBM
IMS Partition DBIMS Partition SupportIBM
IMS Performance Analysis and Reporting SystemIMS PARSIBM
IMS ReplicationInfosphere Data Replication for IMSIBM
IMS SMUIMS Space Management UtilitiesIBM
IMS TIIFIMS Time Initiated Input FacilityIBM
IMS ToolkitDatabase Management for IMSBroadcom
IMS Tools BaseTools BaseIBM
Index ExpertCA Index ExpertCA Technologies
Info RefinerCA InfoRefinerCA Technologies
Info/Center ERocket ICERocket Software
Info/Center EnhancedRocket ICERocket Software
INFO/X EnterpriseASG-INFO/X EnterpriseASG Software Solutions
InfoLoadInfoLoad for DB2 on z/OSInfotel
InfopacASG-ViewDirectASG Software Solutions
Infopac TapeSaverTapeSaverUNICOM Systems
Infopac/ABSASG-ViewDirect/ABSASG Software Solutions
InfoRefinerCA InfoRefinerCA Technologies
InfoReorgInfoReorg for DB2 on z/OSInfotel
Information ManagementInfo/ManIBM
Infosphere DataStage for z/OSWebsphere DataStage for z/OSIBM
Infosphere Guardium S-TAP for IMSGuardium S-TAP for IMSIBM
Infosphere IMS ReplicationInfosphere Data Replication for IMSIBM
Infosphere Warehouse on System zInfosphere WarehouseIBM
InfoUnloadInfoUnload for DB2 on z/OSInfotel
InJoin BatchUniKix BPEDell Computer Corporation
InnerAccessShadow z/ServicesRocket Software
Innovation Access MethodIAMBMC
InsightSYSVIEW for Db2Broadcom
Insight Security ManagerTivoli Compliance Insight ManagerIBM
Installation ManagerIBM Installation ManagerIBM
INTEGRITYWebsphere QualityStageIBM
Interactive Output FacilityIOFTriangle Systems
Intermate IPDS ClientWinIPDSEastman Kodak
Internetworking Test FacilityITFApplied Computing Technology
IntertestIntertest for CICSBroadcom
IntroscopeDX Application Performance ManagementBroadcom
ioEnterprise CCSioEnterprise Console Consolidation and SecurityBMC
IOMANIOMAN for DB2Candle Corporation
IONA Mainframe IntegratorOrbix MainframeMicro Focus
IOS/390CA TCPaccess Communication ServerBroadcom
ISPF Productivity ToolIBM Data Set CommanderIBM
ITCAM for RTTITCAM for Response Time TrackingIBM
ITCAM for Web ResourcesITCAM for Application DiagnosticsIBM
ITMTivoli MonitoringIBM
ITTOTivoli Tape OptimizerIBM
ITXIBM Transformation ExtenderIBM
Ivory Assist/TSAssist/TSAdaptigent
Ivory HubIvory Hub z/ServerAdaptigent
iWay Intelligent AdapteriWay Universal Adapter SuiteIBM
IZDSIBM Z Decision SupportIBM